Enjoy the Benefits of Pet-Friendly Luxury Apartments

luxury apartment

Luxury apartments typically come with all kinds of amenities such as top-of-the-line appliances, washer and dryer, a fitness center and more. Pets may not come to mind as a perk of this type of posh living, but what happens if you want it all? A/C and a place for Mittens the kitty to run and play. Luckily, many luxury apartments are pet-friendly. Whether or not you have pets, it is nice to live in pet-friendly rentals.

Happy Neighbors

You've heard the concept of happy employees, right? Companies that treat their staff well, usually have less turnover and a higher sense of loyalty and satisfaction amongst the employees. Same goes for residents of a rental community. Luxury, pet-friendly rentals aren't all that easy to come by, and the residents with pets sure are happy to find them. When you have a rental property that offers lots of freedom and amenities, you get happy neighbors. And happy neighbors are just about the best thing you can have when you're renting. Well, that and a washing machine in your apartment so you don't have to haul your undies down the hall.

Sense of Community

Again, whether you have a pet or not, pet-friendly rentals typically have a greater sense of community. Dog owners are constantly walking man's best friend around the complex and maybe visiting the on-site dog park, if there is one. More people outside equals more people chatting, and more people chatting equals a more enjoyable place to live. Even cat and bird owners can get in on the fun by talking about their pets with other owners. It is yet another common bond for the happy neighbors of pet-friendly rentals.

Posh Pets

It is also important to note the benefits of pet-friendly luxury apartments from your pet's point of view. Luxury apartments offer plenty of amenities to make your puppy or kitty's life more comfortable as well. Oftentimes, luxury apartments are a bit larger than regular units, have better carpet or flooring, offer more land outside, and have air conditioning, which, let's face it – makes all of us more comfortable on a hot day. Whether you have a princess poodle or a curious kitty, your pet will love living it up in style in a luxury apartment.

Luckily there are luxury apartments that welcome pets. Check out BRE Properties for example. You'll enjoy all of the creature comforts you crave; and you can share them with the pet you love.