Moving into a New Estate

The next thing to consider after buying a real estate would be moving in. Relocating your furniture to the city of London might be a little more difficult compared to some other cities in the country. London has so many residential properties but most of them come with narrow stairs and are located on small streets. Plus, a lot of these houses do not even have back alleys. Therefore moving in with your furniture might be a problem if you were to hire a removal company that has no experience in this location.

The first thing you can do is to look around your new area for removal companies or ask from your new neighbors to get some recommendations. Since these moving companies realized about the condition of the city, they will handle your job better. You would not want to spend the money only to find that your movers are not prepared for the condition and wasting time letting them figure out how to move your furniture.

Go from company to company to learn about their offers, since every London removals service may vary. When making inquiries, make sure you know what is included in their quoted price. Does the package offered involve packing all the stuffs for you? Do you need to help loading and unloading all your belongings? These are some of the features your should know, so be clear of what you have been offered before hiring one.

For every relocating company you are going to meet, do remember to tell them specifically what and how many obstacles they will need to encounter. That may include obstacles such as how many steps of staircase, what is the design of the stairs and the distance they need to carry the furniture from their truck. Never say something to make it sound easy for the job, instead always tell them what exactly is there ready to be expected. Otherwise, they will impose an extra charge and if you are unlucky, your belongings may be damaged due to insufficient manpower or without the help of proper equipment. Movers also might walk out on you in the middle of the job if they find it immovable.

Whenever possible, prepare your stuff and pack them up a few months or weeks in advance of your relocation process. This is especially true if your current place is reaching its closing date. While packing, you can look for items that can be sold and get rid of all the unwanted stuff. Be sure to box everything so that it will not be damaged in transit, and clearly label any boxes that are fragile. A Dymo label printer will be helpful for this. Organize the boxes so they are grouped into their respective rooms. Take the guessing game out of the move.

Finally, and most importantly, cover your move with insurance. Transporting things on the road carries a very high risk of damaging your belongings. The last thing you would want to know is that you need more money to repair the broken furniture or buying new ones after you have already paid a huge amount of money on your new real estate. Though not all home relocation companies provide the correct coverage for your furniture, you can always purchase an insurance on your own and it is very affordable. Same goes to any London office removals service business companies are hiring. They have more stuffs to move hence there is a higher chance of damaging the items. Unless it is all covered, moving your precious belongings can be a much stressful process.