Budgeting - Web Hosting

Shared hosting can be an affordable web hosting solution for you if you are just planning to launch a small website or just testing around with the new hosting. However that is not the case when you are looking forward to expand your business across the world wide web and planning to begin a fully web based activity.

Large or branded websites that expect huge waves of visitors and a high amount of users should either opt for a VPS hosting plan or better yet, a dedicated server. Basically, VPS or virtual private server is a dedicated server divided into multiple partitions and thus each of this partition can work like its own dedicated server. It is a much more cost effective option if you think your website will not take up as much space and memory in a long run because a VPS hosting is usually half the price of a dedicated server hosting.

It can be a tough decision between both these web hosting plans, unlike choosing between a dedicated server and a shared hosting since certain users might not have a clear vision of what their future planning is. What if the website turns out to be a great success? But what if it doesn’t?

A good way to decide is to first determine the situation of your business. If you are a big brand name or if your business already has a stable amount of customers, then no doubt, you are better off with dedicated servers.

However, if you’re not really sure about your future planning or if your business is still new, you can just stick with a VPS first since it also provides the same basic features of a dedicated server, only smaller and cheaper. The downside of dedicated servers is that customers are sometimes tied to yearly contracts and it will be rather expensive if they couldn’t generate a sufficient income from it.

Always look from different angles before you decide on what you really need.