Website - An Online Real Estate

Websites are like online real estates and like any properties or buildings out there, they have their own street address (domain name), structure and space consumption. Whether if you are just going to share your own services or products with the world or maybe you were trying to monetize from them, setting up a website is one of the best way. This is most likely due to the availability of the internet 24 hours around the clock and that it is the best and easiest place to expose what you have to the public.

The very first thing you can do is to get a “street address” or virtually called the domain name for a website, like picking up on a real estate in our real life. It has been easily understood by people that in order to find your office, shop or house, you will give them the street address. However, domain names are different in ways that you are the one who creates them. Hence, you have to select a name which is easy to spell, has meaning and most importantly, easy to remember.

The next thing you need is a place to put the website on, which is a virtual space that we called the web hosting. Generally, there are two different types of web hosting account you can get or purchase, which are dedicated and shared servers. A shared hosting server is usually cheap or free as the spaces you use are shared with other customers as well, while, a dedicated server is more to an exclusive space just for you to use. If you are purchasing, make sure you only get the storage space you need, nothing more and of course, the cheapest is not always a better choice.

Besides that, there is also a kind of hosting which uses only natural, environment friendly and renewable power sources to generate all the appliances used in the hosting company. They are simply called the green hosting and its popularity has been seen rising recently due to the fact that people can literally save the environment while using them and produces less harmful wastes. Finally, when you have everything you need to build a proper website, now you can start filling the site with content pages, links and create a nice theme that suit your needs. For people who don’t have much idea on designing their website, there are always professionals or specialists for you to hire.