How Phone Credit Card Processing Works

Credit cards have been widely used by many consumers as a mean of alternative payment facility to cash. Hence a lot of business owners and merchants now are opting for reliable credit card processing solutions which could further improve their sales. Among the latest ideas is credit card processing through phones, which is also known as touch-tone card processing.

A merchant account must be opened before you are able to start processing credit cards. Specifically, in order for you to be able to process credit cards by phone, you should open a mobile merchant account, although certain merchant account service companies may have already included all the needed tools for their users.

The procedures involved in phone credit card processing are quick and not complicated at all, thus all business owners should be able to operate transactions without much problem. First of all, a customer will provide his/her credit card details to the merchant after a confirmation on the purchase. Then, the merchant will reach his credit card processor via his mobile or fixed line phone in which he’ll be directed to a service operator.

The merchant will have to enter his merchant ID, the customer’s card details and additional transaction information using the phone’s keypad. Next, the telephone credit card workstation will process the details submitted and make a request to the customer’s credit card company.

The credit card company will approve or deny the transaction depending on the condition of the customer’s account. Once accepted, the customer’s card will be charged and the money will be transferred to the merchant’s account. The merchant will receive a notification upon the result of the transaction and optionally, he can obtain a clearance number that would be recoded as a proof of payment. The paying customer is required to sign the receipt.

Finally, funds accumulated in the merchant account will be transferred to the vendor’s bank account after a couple of days.