Real Estate Online Tours

Everyone who searches for properties using the Internet would love to have an "online virtual tour" of those properties. Potential buyers choose not to read real estate's classified advertising that appear in newspapers because they wish to at least get a few views around the house. Unlike newspaper's classified ads, these online tours can let buyers see the house without needing them to leave their computers!

Therefore, if you were to sell any property today, there are two common ways to make the tour. The first is by taking photographs, which is also one of the most used methods to show ones property, and another is panoramas. Some companies do provide photographing and webmaster services for you to hire, while some allows you to upload your own photos along with the home details. If you choose to do-it-yourself, there are some recommendations for you.

There should be photo shooting on the outside as well as on the inside. For external areas, take photos only with the sun up above your house to stay away from any shadow showing up on the pictures. As for internal shooting, you need to make sure that the rooms and other areas are as bright as possible by turning on the lights and open up all the shades as well.

Panoramas are obviously more interesting than regular shots, but it will need more work before they are able to be presented. Whether you want the pictures to be a wide-angle photo or 360° view, you will need some "stitching software" beforehand. Without stitching up the images, the photos will look just like any other regular shots. From all the information gathered above, I guess it’s time for you to start doing your own tour now.